Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best Shows of 2017-18 — Part One

First, a quick announcement: This may be the last year I'll be doing this sort of season-ending post, at least in this format. The reason is that I'm taking a step back in general (not that I've been doing that much of it to begin with lately) from writing pop culture commentary. As much as I genuinely love doing it, I've come to the conclusion that I prefer to spend the limited free time I have (thanks, capitalism) watching more things instead of writing about them, especially since said I don't really see any way said writing leads me to a sustainable living.

It's entirely possible this feeling won't last, and I could end up right back here next year doing more of the same. If not I'm sure I'll do an abridged version of it of some kind on Twitter. As for movie writing, I'm sure I'll still occasionally have things to say on Letterboxd about particular films, and I do plan on continuing my annual horror movie marathons over there in some shape or form, too.

I'm not calling this the end of the blog or anything, because I truly don't know. But that's where things are going at the moment. So thanks to everyone who's read stuff over the years—especially you, Jose, if you happen to be reading this. Your comments on a lot of my early writing meant the world to me.

Read on for part one (with mild spoilers... next week's top five may have a few somewhat more significant ones) after the jump: