Friday, October 24, 2014

My Top Ten Sleater-Kinney Songs

The recent revelation that Sleater-Kinney is reuniting and releasing a new album in January is about the most welcome bit of pop culture news of the year. I've never posted about S-K on here before, but here's what you need to know about them: I basically love them as much as anything on this Earth, and consider them the greatest American rock band of all time (only R.E.M. really comes close), as well as one of the three greatest bands from any country. (The other two are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, of course.) A trio that emerged out of the riot grrrl movement of the 1990s, they produced six straight essentially perfect records in a row, before calling it quits for almost a decade. I've listened to those six albums many, many times, and at least twice a month I wander down a YouTube black hole of S-K concert footage for a few hours. So yeah, I'm excited, even if I'm worried I'm going to miss out on seeing them on their upcoming tour. (I doubt you're reading this, Sleater-Kinney, but if you are . . . an April show in Oklahoma City and/or a couple of summer dates in Chicago or Milwaukee would be much appreciated.) 

In any case, I thought I would honor this occasion with a list of my 10 favorite S-K songs. As usual with lists, a caveat is in order: while I'm pretty secure in my picks for the top five, the rest of the songs that make up the top ten could easily have been swapped with about 30-40 others. Just off the top of my head, those would include (in no particular order): "Funeral Song", "Entertain", "Get Up", "Dig Me Out", "Little Babies", "Words and Guitar", "Light Rail Coyote", "Modern Girl", "You're No Rock n' Roll Fun", "Good Things", "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone", "Stay Where You Are", "Start Together", "What's Mine is Yours", "Big Big Lights", "Dance Song '97", and "Bury Our Friends", among many others.

The top ten after the jump: