Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Best Shows of the 2013-14 Season - Part Two

With many veteran sitcoms (New GirlParks and Recreation, to a certain extent Bob's Burgers) struggling to consistently reach the heights they have in the past, the year in comedy was to me primarily about the new shows on the block. Three of those shows are included here, where they join a quartet of esteemed dramas (three from cable, plus one network standout) to make up my picks for the seven finest television programs I saw in 2013-14.

Massive spoilers for The Good Wife (and minor spoilers for everything else) after the jump:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best Shows of the 2013-14 Season - Part One

So, I went a little overboard with this year's list, at least relative to last year's. While that one fit into a single post, this time I wound up picking not only ten shows and writing a few hundred words on each, but also selecting ten honorable mentions from among this fine crop of 2013-14 series and writing some stuff on each of those. (And I still left off some good shows.) The result is a list that I think is a lot better than last season's, and a lot more reflective of all the great stuff that aired on TV during the past year. But it's also considerably longer. Because of this, I've elected to divide it into two parts: the first covering the honorable mentions and shows #10-8, and the second (which will post Wednesday) counting down from #7 to #1.

As usual, this covers programs that aired during the last 12 months. Minor spoilers for most of the shows listed (and fairly major ones for Hannibal):