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New Additions to the Grade-A Classics

Apologies once again for the lack of film coverage. Hopefully it won't be for too much longer, but what with fall premiere season I just haven't had the energy to write much related to my favorite form of media (sorry, TV and books, but the movies are still #1 in my book). However, with "Breaking Bad" over for the year I've decided to start limiting my TV coverage to reviews of "Parks and Rec", "Community", and "Sons of Anarchy" each week. This should free me up to start writing film reviews again, although as always it's only if time permits. (Sorry, but my first job as a student comes first.)

In the meantime, though, I wanted to quickly offer an update to my grade-A classics. Three new films will be added. One is "Body Heat", Lawrence Kasdan's brilliantly directed and masterfully plotted film noir, which features excellent performances by William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Another is Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull", a film I've been meaning to see for quite some time. Everything that's great about this movie has already been said by other critics, but I'd like to single out the brilliantly filmed (albeit brutal) boxing scenes for praise as well as DeNiro's lead performance (which is one of the best I've ever seen). It's pretty close to a perfect movie, and would probably find a spot in my all-time top 25 if I ever decided to make such a list.  And finally we have "Cries and Whispers", Ingmar Bergman's intimate, emotionally raw film about four women who gather together at the house where one of them lays dying. The acting in it is astonishing, and it allows Bergman to craft some of his most magnificent shots simply by zeroing in on the faces of these brilliant actresses, who convey an unbelievable amount of emotion with glances and expressions.

Thoughts on any of these three fine films? Hopefully I'll be back to reviewing movies soon. I'm not going to say you can count on it, but with some of the summer's supposedly best films ("The Tree of Life", "Bridesmaids", etc.) out on DVD I would expect a return to film coverage in some shape or form pretty soon. No promises, though.

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"Sons of Anarchy" - "With an X"

Some very quick thoughts (with spoilers) on this week's "Sons of Anarchy" after the jump:

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