Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Five Best Parks and Recreation Moments of All Time

Today's post comes from Maria Ramos, whose writing has appeared in places such as Thoughts on Film and The Action Elite. It's a privilege to have her here talking a bit about her favorite Parks and Rec moments. Feel free to add yours in the comments. 

Read her picks after the jump:

Disclosure: Maria Ramos is a television fanatic and blogger for DirecTV.

Parks and Recreation has come a long way in the last seven years. What started out as a quirky little sitcom became one of the best sitcoms on television. But unfortunately, as all good things do, Parks and Rec is finally coming to an end. Season seven, which premiered last month on January 13th, is the sitcom's final season. After sharing several years and countless memories together, we know it’s going to be tough to say goodbye to Pawnee’s ragtag crew of public service employees. So in the spirit of Leslie Knope, let's reminisce together as we count down the Five Best Moments from Parks and Recreation.

One day a year, Tom and Donna get together for a day of... well, whatever they want. When they decide to bring Ben with them, they all end up seeing an emotional side of Batman they wish they hadn't. On the one day when Tom and Donna allow themselves to indulge in anything that makes them feel better, Donna brings Ben along, but instead of splurging on some unneeded gift for himself, Ben walks away with a pack of socks. Donna talks him into really going all out, and Ben buys a realistic Batman suit - which he abruptly cries in.

As a surprise engagement present, Ben calls in a few (hundred) favors and sets up a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden. Completely awestruck by her hero, Leslie is almost speechless as she grabs the Vice President and attempts to pull him in close. Luckily for Mr. Biden, Ben was able to pull her away before things got too weird.

Sure, it seems almost clich√© to have a 'wedding episode' on a Top Five Moments list, but our waffle enthusiast and Game of Thrones nerd’s special day deserves to be here. Leslie and Ben are just mere months away from their wedding day when they decide to just have it now. Months of planning are crammed into two hours and the result is one of the most emotional weddings ever.

While in between jobs for a week, Ben begins creating a whole new gaming experience called “The Cones of Dunshire.” This over-the-top board game features an extensive set of rules, which Ben realizes will make the game unpopular. Instead of throwing it in the trash, he gives it to coworkers as he quits his accounting job. This move sets off a domino effect that ends in him winning free Wi-Fi for Pawnee and an income to help with his and Leslie's future family.

5.  The Pit

The Pit was such an important part of Parks and Rec that it became a character all of its own. This giant eyesore was the main driving force behind Leslie's fire early on, as well as the punchline for many jokes. It is impossible to choose just one pit moment, so let us remember all the fun and spills we have had with Lot 48. Early on, “The Pit” was eating up screen time and Parks and Rec members. Three characters have fallen in: Leslie, Mark, and Andy. Andy actually lived in The Pit for a time. Even after being filled in, it became the home to events and gatherings.

The final season of Parks and Rec will end with an hour-long finale tonight (click here for streaming options)While this season will be the last we ever get, millions of viewers who have gone through the ups and downs with Leslie and the crew will never forget them.

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