Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Community"/"Parks and Recreation" - "Advanced Gay"/"End of the World"

Some quick thoughts (with spoilers) on the latest episodes of "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" after the jump:

I know I've been saying this weekly, but this should be my last busy week for a while. I hope so, at least. With no real time to write much on either of my two favorite comedies on TV right now, I still wanted to provide a space where readers can comment on the episodes if they wish.  

For my two cents... I quite liked both. The Troy storyline in "Advanced Gay" struck me as a bit too silly overall, but it was still pretty funny. And whatever minor complaints I had with it were made even more minor by the A-plot's brilliance. It was just incredibly hilarious, as well as very solid from a character perspective. It makes sense that Pierce would have a dad like that, and I also very much liked Britta's surprisingly insightful analysis of the situation as it related to Jeff. I strongly suspect Jeff's dad is going to show up at some point this year, and based on what occurred here that should be quite compelling if and when it happens.

As for "Parks", it was nice to see it bounce back from perhaps its weakest episode since season 2's "Sister City" (which says a lot about how great this show has been) with a very solid and entertaining effort. Once again, Tom's storyline was the one major problem. While it concluded with a few really nice moments, while watching it I could only shake my head for (hopefully) the last time at how a show this good could make such a huge mistake in its long-term storytelling. It never came close to sinking the show, but I for one am incredibly glad that the Entertainment 720 arc appears to finally be over.

The rest of "End of the World" was great, though. Just great. April helping Andy cross things off his bucket list was both sweet and hilarious: quite possibly my favorite subplot in any comedy episode so far this year. The main story was also very effective, introducing the Reasonableist cult mentioned in "Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America" as yet another group of strangely endearing citizens in this town as well as providing a certain amount of closure for the Leslie-Ben relationship. Nicely done. I'd also say that the Reasonableist stuff worked quite a bit better in the show than it did in the book. Not entirely sure why.

So that's my take. Thoughts on either of these two episodes?


"Advanced Gay" - A-
"End of the World" - B+

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