Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Parks and Recreation" - "Meet 'n' Greet"

Some very quick thoughts (with spoilers) on the latest "Parks and Rec" after the jump:

Once again, I don't have time for a full review of this week's "Parks and Rec", but since I missed the last episode as well I thought I should say a few things about "Meet 'n' Greet", which was not exactly one of the show's finest moments. Now, weak by the standards of this series is still pretty good (I'd probably give the episode a B, or at worst a B-). But overall I wasn't very impressed. There were plenty of funny individual moments, and the Ron-Ann subplot was just terrific. But the two main storylines just didn't work very well.

Tom turning an event that was supposed to be about Leslie's campaign into a promotion for his own company is completely in character, but this storyline has always been far too cartoonish to really succeed. It's as over-the-top as it's ever been in this episode, and was quite frankly kind of unpleasant to watch. On the other hand, Leslie's confrontation of Tom (and his subsequent admission that the company is broke) was a strong scene, and I also loved her reaction to the campaign video Tom made. I'm not sure what's next for Tom, but anything's better than the mess that the Entertainment 720 arc rather quickly became.

The Halloween party was equally hit-or-miss, but far more miss. Ben living with April and Andy has produced comic gold in the past (in season 3's terrific "Jerry's Painting"). This time, however, it wasn't nearly as successful. Andy keeping Ben in a headlock for much of the episode was clearly meant to be funnier than it was, and I kept waiting for the show to cut to one of the smaller, more effective storylines such as Ron and Ann fixing things around the house (which once again was the only story that was consistently enjoyable). This being "Parks", I was mostly entertained, but that doesn't change the fact that this was the weakest episode the series has done in quite some time: maybe since early season 2.

P.S. My schedule should be getting less hectic very soon, so full reviews will likely resume shortly (probably next week).

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