Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Wilfred" - "Identity"

Some quick thoughts (with spoilers) on the "Wilfred" finale after the jump:

For the same reason I mentioned in my "Louie" review, I won't be offering any extended thoughts on "Wilfred". And once again, I have to state my regrets: especially since this was by far the best episode of the show's uneven but ultimately enjoyable debut season.

I'm not sure the show's failure to develop its characters has actually been dealt with, but for one shining moment it wasn't an issue: as we watched Ryan's surprisingly effective skills at manipulation emerge, with results that were both funny (the bubbles) and tragic (pretty much everything else). The ending leaves everything up in the air, and I'm hopeful that it will set the show on a more interesting overall path than the one it had in season one.

This series isn't going to wind up on my "best of the season" list this year, but it was interesting and for the most part entertaining in spite of some major problems. I'll want to see some major improvement in season two if I'm going to keep watching, though.

Episode Grade: A-
Season Grade: B

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