Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"New Girl" - "Kryptonite"

Spoilers for the latest "New Girl" after the jump: 

Here we have an episode that does little to dispel my concerns about "New Girl's" long term potential. That's because it's for the most part devoted to resolving Jess's relationship with her former boyfriend, which is something that doesn't seem likely to be an ongoing storyline. In addition, it also spends some time introducing us to Winston. This also promises to be a one-time occurrence caused by Damon Wayans Jr.'s departure (we'll miss you, Coach). In other words, the episode feels a bit like a second pilot. I strongly suspect we'll know more after next week, when the amount of introductions and table-setting starts to decrease substantially.

The good news is that "Kryptonite" is actually funnier and more endearing than the pilot, if only by a slight margin. This show has apparently polarized people a great deal, with some finding it and Jess insufferable and others immediately charmed by its unapologetically goofy sense of humor. I'm obviously in the latter camp, and this installment pretty much cemented my love for this oddly endearing cast of characters. The sight of all three of the guys wearing bizarre hats as they stared down the boyfriend in question probably sent some on-the-fence viewers running for the hills. I found it truly delightful. "New Girl" wears its mixture of pure wackiness and genuine heart proudly on its sleeve, and at times I found myself laughing just at the sheer audacity (at times bordering on stupidity) of it: an audacity that's worth respecting even if you don't particularly like the show.

That said, the random singing remains a bit overused, although it resulted in a great gag involving Winston's hangover. Winston may not be as funny as Coach was, but I think he'll be just fine (though his rivalry with Schmidt was admittedly the weakest part of an otherwise very strong second installment). This is still a show with a few problems, but they're minor considering how enjoyable most of it is. So far "New Girl" is still my favorite new series of the fall even if it doesn't come close to the level of my favorite comedies on TV right now. It might with time, though. We'll see.

Grade: B+

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