Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Plans

Ah, fall, the time of TV pilots. It's always a busy season for amateur critics such as myself, and this year is no exception. The good news (well, technically it's bad news) is that it's not going to be too busy, since most of the new shows look mediocre to terrible. Odds are I'll be adding only a handful of new programs to my currently watching list, but even that small amount means that coverage of some older shows is going to get scaled back.

First, though, here's what I will be covering for sure:

The rest of this current season of "Breaking Bad"
The three episodes of "Archer" airing this fall.
"Parks and Recreation"
"Sons of Anarchy" (If I can get caught up with S3 in a reasonable amount of time, which is a 50/50 proposition considering the fact that Netflix is still showing a "very long wait" for the first disc. So maybe not.)

Shows that probably won't get the full review treatment every week are "Modern Family" and "The Office": the former because I just don't have a lot to say about it on a weekly basis and the latter because... well, I have the feeling it's about to get really, really bad. I'll likely be reviewing the first few episodes in order to comment on how well James Spader fits into the cast in his semi-regular new role (he was hilarious on last season's finale), and years of watching it means that I'll probably keep tuning in every week for a while anyway. But unless I've seriously misjudged the show's trajectory over these past couple of years, it's almost certainly not going to be something that will inspire me to write about it every week*.

There will be a few pilot reviews as well. If I like a pilot (or don't but think it could get better due to other factors such as the creative team involved), I'll likely be using when Les Chappell has termed the "televitmus test": namely, giving the show four episodes to prove what it can do. I'll then reevaluate the series and decide whether I want to continue watching it. At the same time, a decision will also be made about whether or not it will be added to the regular review rotation. Sound good?

Also, while this blog has been leaning a bit more towards TV coverage... fear not, movie fans, I still intend to offer the occasional film review. Indeed, they'll probably become a bit more plentiful now that Oscar season is almost upon us. At the very least, I'll be writing about a few of the more well-received summer films I've yet to see: including "The Tree of Life" and "Bridesmaids" (which are both out on DVD pretty soon).

That's about it. Questions? Comments?

* For free on this blog, anyway. If anyone reading this wants to pay me to write about the first post-Carrell season for some other site, I would quite possibly be delighted to. My e-mail is on the sidebar. 

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