Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Note About the Rest of This Week...

On Thursday, I am undergoing another medical procedure. It's completely unrelated to the things which sidelined me a few weeks earlier, and is once again relatively minor (it's dental in nature, if you're wondering). But, like before, it will require some bed rest for at least a few days.  Therefore, I will not be writing anything new until Monday at the earliest.

Same drill as before. Starting Thursday, there won't be any new blog posts (apart from the one I mention in the next paragraph), tweets, or responses to comments for a few days. And yes, this means that my review of "Louie" is going to get skipped yet again. Sorry about that, but I need to get all this stuff dealt with before classes start. The good news is that this will hopefully be the last time (in the near future, anyway) that anything like this needs to happen.

In addition, this absence (unlike the last one) has been planned for several weeks: giving me ample time to line up something to post while I'm away. And that is my review of the "Three Colors" trilogy, which will post on Saturday morning. Hopefully that will tide you over until I get back, and I promise I will respond to any comments about it the instant I'm feeling up to blogging.

Apologies once again, and thanks to everyone who's still reading in spite of these interruptions. If everything goes smoothly, I'll be back before you know it.

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