Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Community" Catch-Up - "Aerodynamics of Gender"

Spoilers for "Aerodynamics of Gender" after the jump:

I initially feared that "Aerodynamics of Gender" was going to be one of those episodes (like last season's pottery installment) that didn't entirely work as a whole despite some very funny bits. One of the storylines was great from the start: namely, Abed becoming a one-man insult machine at the request of Shirley, Britta, and Annie.

This stuff was just plain hilarious from start to finish. We got a glimpse into the extremely strange mind of Abed, which functioned as a sort of screening visor collecting data on every person he sees. There were too many great one-liners to list, and even Chang's rather irritating antics (which started out funny but quickly became annoying) couldn't ruin it: although they were bad enough to bump the episode's overall grade down a notch.

The Troy-Jeff material started off a little too weird for my tastes: much like the sailing stuff in the pottery episode, if we're continuing the comparison. I don't mind "Community's" occasional trips into the surreal, but it just didn't seem like this was going to work.

But once Pierce got involved it became hilarious and also provided some unexpectedly moving moments. Of course, those came after Pierce nearly killed himself on the trampoline after insisting on "double bouncies". This show is just doing everything right at the moment after that one misstep in episode four. Here's hoping it continues that trend in the coming episodes.

Other Thoughts

- It's quick, but at one point there was even a synopsis of this episode in Abed's mind. Genius.

- As I mentioned to Jose in the comments, some weeks I'll be covering only one episode instead of two. This usually depends on which episodes NBC decides to air and which ones I end up buying (since for whatever reason they refuse to put the entire season online). So you'll just have to be surprised.

Grade: A-

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