Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Community" Catch-Up - "Accounting for Lawyers"

Spoilers for "Accounting for Lawyers" after the jump:

Comedy episodes that involve the whole cast are often my favorites of a given show, and I think that's particularly true of "Community". When "Parks and Rec" and "Modern Family" basically ignore a character for a week (as they've been known to do on occasion), there's usually something else going on that keeps me from dwelling on it. That's true of this show as well, but these characters interact so well with each other that watching them band together to achieve a goal is almost always memorable.

In this case, that goal was to expose Jeff's friend Alan. The episode followed a pretty predictable trajectory: Jeff turns his back on the group before realizing the error of his ways and reconciling with them. I think there have been at least 8-10 episodes so far which use this model (maybe more). But here's the thing: it really doesn't matter as long as it works.

In this case, it did (for the most part, anyway). The back-and-forth between Jeff and his former colleagues fell a little flat, but everything else was terrific. The surreal caper sequence with Annie, Troy, and Abed was delightful, as was Annie's determination to knock everyone at the party out with chloroform.

I'm also starting to find Chang a bit more endearing. The dancing scenes were over-the-top and goofy, which is something that bothered me early in this show's run. I don't know... somehow I've come to love its blend of silliness and sweetness.

Grade: A-

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