Monday, June 20, 2011

"Archer" Catch-Up - "Pipeline Fever"

Spoilers for the latest episode in the "Archer" catch-up project after the jump:

Lots of laughs this week, although only one of the episode's two storylines worked. That would be the Archer-Lana plot, and it was terrific. Archer's self-centered and clueless nature is hilarious on its own, but his back-and-forth bickering with Lana adds another dimension to it. Her reaction to him bringing a grill on the boat, for instance: priceless. And I must have laughed for about thirty seconds straight when Lana stuck her hand into the dry ice after ignoring Archer's warning not to, mostly because it's the exact sort of thing she would do in that situation. We also learned what Archer's biggest fears were, which was actually a solid bit of character development for him. Pretty much everything in this story worked.

I wish I could say the same about the B-plot, whose biggest virtue was the fact that it took only about 2-3 minutes of screen time away from the swamp stuff. It concerned Malory's attempts to turn the office green, which inevitably failed. I get that it was designed to fit in with the episode's environmental theme, but there just wasn't anything funny about it.

Other Thoughts

- Of course Archer brought beer instead of food. His reasoning: "you can't catch beer".

- So that's how Lana got hired: by standing up to Malory. Nice bit of info there.

- The actual resolution to the bomb threat was kind of anti-climactic, but that actually made it funnier.

Grade: A-

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