Monday, June 13, 2011

"Archer" Catch-Up - "Blood Test"

Spoilers for episode 3 of "Archer" season 2 after the jump:

Another really great episode from "Archer" this week. What I love most about this show (besides its twisted, hilarious sense of humor) is how good it as at satirizing spy stories. "Blood Test" was a great example of this, featuring a nice twist on the conventional "break-in" plot used in so many espionage movies.

And of course, it was also just packed with great gags and one-liners from just about every character (my favorite had to be Cheryl's deeply disturbing but hilarious desire to have a baby just to abandon it), not to mention the truly inspired idea to have Archer do the break-in while both drunk and weak from blood-loss.

Another important thing about "Archer" is the fact that despite its tendency towards dark and risque humor it also has a heart: as seen through Malory's request (admittedly made while drunk) that Archer call off the blood sample switch. I wonder if this will become a recurring storyline, with Archer trying to prove that it's Cyril's baby and not his. Given how entertaining and hilarious this episode was, I'd be fine with that.

Grade: A

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