Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer TV Plans

With the end of "Modern Family's" second season comes the end of the last network show I review (with the exception of the sensational final few episodes of "Friday Night Lights", which I will not be covering due to the fact that I've already watched them on DVD). Summer generally brings with it the return of at least a few terrific series, though. So here's the plan for my TV coverage.

The only two shows I can promise reviews for are "Breaking Bad" and "Louie". The former is the best show on TV right now, and the latter is a slightly uneven but usually brilliant comedy that is one of the best-kept secrets on television. I will be covering both: hopefully with a decent amount of depth since there are fewer shows to keep up with.

Odds are also good that at least one new show will capture my attention. Maybe it'll be TNT's intriguing new sci-fi series "Falling Skies". "Wilfred" (which will air back-to-back with "Louie" on FX) also looks promising. I don't know, but we'll see.

Finally, there are two shows I am catching up on: "Community" and "Justified". It appears that NBC (for whatever reason) is going to be airing the odd-numbered episodes of season 2, which would mean that I'd have to buy the even-numbered ones. I'll probably wind up being okay with that, in which case I may decide to do biweekly catch-up reviews. The same goes for "Justified's" second season if FX winds up re-airing it or putting the episodes online. (Update: Apparently NBC will be not be doing that. For now, they appear to be airing the episode from the beginning and in order. That means you can expect weekly catch-up reviews instead, starting Monday.)

Finally, I am also watching "Deadwood". I have no plans to review the show, which I flat-out love so far. I may do a series review or top-ten episode list, but that's it. I've tried to review shows while I'm watching them on DVD before, and when they're this good it just doesn't work very well. The temptation to flip on the next episode is just too great, and I also want to get through the show by the end of the summer (since my fall is going to be especially busy this year). There may be Twitter updates, though, so be sure to follow me if you're a fan of the show.

Finally, if this is not enough for you (and it shouldn't be if you're a huge TV fan like me), I would like to recommend a few other sites that will be offering good, in-depth summer TV coverage. You can find them all in my favorite sites list on the sidebar.

The A.V. Club will be covering both "Breaking Bad" and "Louie", plus a large number of shows I don't watch. They are also covering a number of classic TV shows over the summer, including the brilliant "Arrested Development" and the delightful detective series "Veronica Mars". This site is a must for TV-lovers (and not just in the summer).

There are also links to several other amateur and professional TV critics, who will likely be offering the same type of coverage as myself (but on many more shows, and perhaps a bit more polished). All of the sites come highly recommended by me, and I frequent them often myself. Ask in the comments if you want to know more.

So, are we ready for some summer TV?


  1. Friday Night Light's finale was on Friday?
    Shoot I missed it.

    As for Community, NBC is airing them all over again Thurdays at 8/7 central so maybe you can watch them there.

    And no idea what I'll be watching this summer in TV. I'm ussually more concerned with the movies and reading so I have no idea what's playing during the summer.

  2. No, it wasn't. The entire season has been available on DVD for quite some time, so that's where I watched it. The show's still airing on NBC for a few more weeks, and you've got some great stuff to look forward to.

    As for "Community", I just realized a few days ago what you were so kind to point out. I will be publishing catch-up reviews every week, at least for now. The first one is already up. Hopefully they'll continue to air the episodes in order.

    Do you not watch "Breaking Bad"? If not, there's still time to catch up. It truly is the best thing on TV right now.

  3. Oh ok, its because you made it sound as if the finale aired.

    Anyway, no I don't. I would love to since it really does look like a great show but I don't have cable, so I have to wait for the DVD's.

  4. I will actually be getting it through Amazon Instant Video this summer, as well as "Mad Men" next spring. My AMC "free preview" from Dish (which insists on giving me Lifetime and ABC Family as part of its basic package instead of, you know, good channels) is about to expire, so that's how I watch it. It's $2 an episode, but as long as I limit myself to 2-3 shows (and only cable ones, since they're much shorter) I can swing it. Only if I limit my other unnecessary purchases such as mid-week candy bars.

    In any case, totally worth it for those two shows. I won't be doing the same with "The Killing", though. It's just not good enough. A friend of mine who's enjoying the series a bit more than I am may want to finish the season, however, so I could end up watching with her.