Monday, May 30, 2011

"Community" Catch-Up - "Anthropology 101"

Spoilers for the opening episode of season 2 of "Community" after the jump:

There's a moment in the season 2 premiere of "Community" where guest-star Betty White shoots a student with a blowgun. Some may find it a little too over-the-top to be all that funny, but I laughed. Even if I don't like this show as much as "Parks and Rec", there's something delightful about watching a comedy where the rules don't apply. This is one of those shows.

The episode as a whole doesn't quite hit the heights of season 1's best, but it's a fast and funny beginning to what promises to be a great season. What I particularly love about this show is the way it lovingly mocks TV conventions while often outright ignoring them. A case in point is the fact that it didn't try to draw out Jeff and Annie keeping their kiss secret. They tried to, but it didn't last long.

The main storyline involves Britta discovering that her declaration to Jeff has made her popular. Jeff of course is the jerk, and he doesn't take kindly to that. Much of the time is taken up by the pair of them constantly (and hilariously) upping the ante as far as romantic gestures go (up to and including a marriage proposal). This eventually leads to a type of scene that "Community" has down pat: the study group fighting amongst themselves. Truth be told, I think the show needs to start moving away from this type of comedic climax. It may start to get old. But here it was just fine. The only major complaint I had was the "evil Chang" scene at the end, which for whatever reason just didn't work for me.

Grade: A-

Please Note: These reviews don't go into too much detail. They are meant simply to paint a general picture of my impressions of the season as I go along. I plan on publishing somewhat lengthier and more involved reviews once season 3 starts in the fall.

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